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Integrate tfRails with your AWS cloud environment using an API-first, agentless approach. Learn more
Connect your Terraform CI, as tfRails supports integration with Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Atlantis, Jenkins, Terraform Cloud and more, or trigger simulations directly from your local IDE using a shell script. Learn more

Cloud Environments
Change Fast

Unlike other tools that scan your entire cloud configuration once a day or look at your TFstate files to understand what has changed, CloudRails consumes cloud events to feed its real-time engine. The result is an accurate real-time representation of your environment, at any given time. For both TF-managed resources and resources created or modified using other methods.
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How does it work?

tfRails Simulation engine merges the current configuration state of your cloud in a combination with the Terraform code proposed change, to determine how your cloud is going to be impacted if the code gets deployed.
tfRails is powered by the CloudTwin engine developed by Lightlytics